Best Evening Gown Top 30 – Elite Beauty 2017

BEAUTY OF WORLD is here with “Elite Beauty 2017” in which the ladies who made the cut in the elite pageants (Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, Miss Earth, Miss Supranational, Miss Grand International) will be screened in our beauty pageant fan page to select one “Elite Beauty” of the year. 

The Contest also features few Sub Contestants like

Miss Photogenic ( Netherlands Earth : Faith Landman)

Best Body ( Colombia Universe : Laura Barjum)

Best National Costume ( Indonesia Grand : Dea Rizkita) 

Best Evening Gown

Top Model of the Year

Best Performer

The winners of the sub Contests will be awarded with a assured place in Top 20 – Elite Beauty 2017 

Best Evening Gown – Top 30 

1. Peru Grand 

2. Venezuela Universe 

3. Angola Earth 

4. Colombia Supranational

5. Kenya World 

6. Jamaica Universe

7. India Grand

8. South Africa Universe

9. Thailand Universe

10. Thailand Grand

11. Colombia Earth

12. Costa Rica Supranational

13. Vietnam Grand 

14. Philippines Grand 

15. India World

16. Paraguay Grand

17. Philippines Supranational

18. Great Britan International

19. Indonesia World

20. Mexico Grand

21. Venezuela Grand

22. Philippines Universe

23. Indonesia International

24. Canada Universe

25. South Sudan Grand

26. Colombia Universe

27. Russia Universe

28. China Grand

29. India Supranational

30. Indonesia Supranational 

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